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Dim Sum Set D

  • Descriptions
    • Luo Mai Kai 糯米鸡 2pcs

      Mini Braised Pork Belly Steamed Buns 迷你扣肉包 6pcs

      Pork Char Siew Pau 港式猪肉叉烧包 6pcs

      Siew Mai Chicken & Prawn 鸡虾烧卖 6pcs

      Pork Siew Mai 猪肉烧卖 6pcs

      PORK SOFT BONE 豉汁软骨 500gm




  • Cooking and Storage Instruction
    • Cooking method:  

      1. Fan Choy: Steam for 18-20min

      2. Mini Braised Pork Belly Steamed Buns, Pork Char Siew Pau: Steam for 7-8min after thaw

      3. Siew Mai Chicken & Prawn, Pork Siew Mai: Steam for 6-7min

      4. Pork Soft Bone: Steaming for 30-40 min after thaw 

      Storage Condition :Keep frozen at -18oC

(1 set)

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