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Dim Sum Origin

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Dim sum origin


Dim Sum (Heart’s Delight) a famous snack item that is made to touch the heart of people, which later, combine with Yum Cha (drinking tea), creates a unique dining experience for families.

History OF DIM SUM


Teahouses sprung up along the famous Silk Road to accommodate tired travelers and catered for the exhausted farmers, after their work in the fields. They would go to the teahouse for afternoon tea, relaxing conversation and regain sustenance.

It took several centuries for the culinary art of Dim Sum to develop. At first, it was considered inappropriate to combine tea with food, because people believed it would lead to excessive weight gain. The unique culinary art of Dim Sum originated with the Cantonese in southern China, who over the centuries transformed Yum Cha from a relaxing respite to a loud and happy dining experience.

Variety of Dim Sum


Dim Sum can served in various kinds, either to be steamed, deep fried, pan fried or baked.

Traditional Dim Sum includes various types of steamed buns such as Char Siew Pau, Har Kau, Siew Mai, Dumplings like Shanghai Dumpling as well as Xiao Long Pau, which contain a range of ingredients, including pork, chicken, prawns, char siew and vegetarian options. Many Dim Sum restaurants also offer bowls of porridge and other soups like wanton soup. Stir-fried Dim Sum such as Fupie Prawn Roll, Yam Dumplings, Red Bean Pancake, Samosa and baked Dim Sum such as Egg Tarts, Char Siew Soo, Siew Pau (Pau Baked) and so on are popular choices among customers.

People can try a wide variety of food as Dim Sum comes in small portion, normally served in 2-4 pieces in 1 dish, and can eat all in one bite. It is customary to order family style, sharing dishes among all members and it is one of the popular items for everyone in the world nowadays.