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About Us
  Kiom Kee Dim Sum was founded by a Dim Sum Chef, who now has more than 40 years of experience in the production of quality dim sum for customers and clients in premium grade restaurants in Singapore. Currently, we are sending our products to 4-6 star hotels, Chinese restaurants, cafés and country clubs in Singapore. They use our products in their breakfast, buffet, hi-tea, Chinese Café, Chinese Restaurant, Banquet, for coffee break in seminar and even serve in
room services.

In 1988, when we established our company, we are just selling spring roll to hotels and restaurant. As hotel cut down their manpower due to inconsistent quality, high overhead cost and difficult to find expertise in this area, they outsource the operation. Then, we began to make various type of Dim Sum and still continue to evolve and innovate.

  Singapore, being a food paradise and popular for tourism, we have been supplying to hotel chain for over 20 years; the founder of this company had about 40 years of experience in making and delivering Dim Sum. We have witnessed how the hotel industry has evolved. In the past, hotels faced a few problems:
Lack of experienced Dim Sum Chef
Downsizing of the kitchen
Hard to maintain consistent quality in dim sum preparation.

With our service, the hotel can eliminate these problems. In addition, they reduced the cost of maintaining a team of highly qualified chefs. Even for those that do not have the capability of offering a Dim Sum menu, they can buy Dim Sum from us and sell it as part of the menu. All they have to do is to employ a cook with some steaming/baking/deep fried equipment.
In view of the above issue, we help the food establishment by providing them with premium quality dim sum consistently at a competitive price.
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